Personal Development

NLP healing or “NPL Personal Development” is a unique and effective technique that can permanently and drastically change every aspect of your life for the better. NPL is a technique for personal growth or self improvement, but not only the personality is improved in this technique. An NPL treatment affects all aspects of life: personality, health, life situations and circumstances in life, talents, intelligence, love and success.

NPL Personal Development is a psychic technique developed by Linda Evans that can bring about fundamental and lasting changes in the subconscious mind as a result of which every part of your life will improve. It is the view of NPL that every problem in life, every negative life situation, every lack of talent, love, success, any problem regarding personality and many health problems have their origin in the subconscious mind. NPL Personal Development can break down the blockages in our subconscious mind that cause all these problems. As a result energies that are buried under these blockages or patterns become active again.

NPL Personal Development takes the view that the subconscious mind consists of a positive and a negative part. The negative part or the programme or subconscious ‘patterns’ are the cause of everything negative in life and the positive part or ‘the energies’ are the origin of everything positive in life.

NPL healing can change your life and turn you into a completely different person: someone who is self-confident, charismatic, loving, talented, intelligent, successful, and it can give you a fundamentally better life.

NPL Personal Development can do this and much more for you, but this wonderful therapy is primarily intended for people who want to change their life profoundly and release every talent that is inside them. Its ultimate aim is to free the soul from the eternal cycle of reincarnation. NPL healing aims to free people from the programme and from the reincarnation cycle, as a result of which we will again know the right truth instead of the false truth dictated by the patterns and regain every ability and talent that belongs to the free soul. This takes a lifetime and more to achieve.

There are examples of people who testify how NPL Personal Development has changed their lives completely. The testimonies of the unique changes this therapy has brought about in their lives can be found on NPL example treatments.

Linda Evans treats people only from a distance. The treatment can go ahead after a consultation with Linda Evans herself by telephone or webcam. Therefore it’s not needed to travel or to allot time to the NPL Personal Development treatment.

There is also a free version of this magnificent therapy: NPL self treatment. It is possible to break blockages in yourself or in others by thinking of Linda Evans in a concentrated way while asking her for ‘energy’. More information about how to proceed can be found on NPL self treatment. A more extensive explanation of the view on man behind this therapy and the NPL philosophy can be found on NPL Personal Development book.

self help technique for personal development: npl self-treatment