Personality development

NPL Personality Development is a new, very powerful technique for improving personality and all aspects of life. NPL can profoundly change every aspect of your life – personality, health, life situations, talents – for the better by bringing about changes in the subconscious mind.

There are example treatments on the website of Linda Evans of people who have been freed of all kinds of problems in life and who testify in text and on film about the unique results of this wonderful therapy. In exchange they are treated for free with NPL Personality Development until all or most of their original problem issues have disappeared. These example treatments are to be found on NPL example treatments.

NPL Personality Development was developed by Linda Evans and it is based upon new discoveries concerning the nature of man and the cause of suffering in the world. Linda Evans has unique psychic abilities that enable her to perceive the subconscious mind around man (and animal). This subconscious mind determines for almost 100% the  human (and animal) nature. NPL Personality Development is a great method to generate significant changes in this subconscious mind.

There is a positive and a negative part in the subconscious mind: the patterns are negative and the energies are positive. There are numerous patterns in the subconscious mind and each pattern is the cause of one specific problem in life. The energies bring about everything good in life with regard to personality, health, life situations and talents. NPL Personality Development can destroy these negative programmes as a result of which your life will fundamentally improve.

How does NPL work? Linda Evans can perceive the subconscious mind of people from a distance and she can break down the negative patterns (also from a distance) by using her own psychic energies. In this way NPL Personality Development can break down all kinds of patterns in the subconscious mind and problems in life will disappear.

Although NPL can profoundly enhance your life, this is not the primary aim of this amazing technique. NPL Personality Development is actually intended for people who want to be freed of all the subconscious patterns. It is the view of NPL that man is a soul in a body captured in an eternal cycle of reincarnation and in the programme (the whole of the patterns) that make the soul suffer. NPL healing is a technique that can break down the programme (in the long run) as a result of which the soul will be free again and will also be released from the reincarnation cycle.

There is a possibility of free treatment by way of the self treatment’. Linda Evans discovered that when people think of her in a concentrated way, her own energies move towards these people and start to break down patterns in them.. More information about this free treatment can be found on NPL self treatment.

Self-help tool for personality development: npl self-treatment