Self-improvement or personal growth or self development. There are many ways to improve yourself, this text deals with self-development regarding the optimization of the personality.
There are many trainings, workshops and courses about self-improvement. This text is about an extraordinary technique intended for people who want to enhance their personality, called NPL healing.

In NPL healing negative or unfavourable character issues are being corrected. Neuroses and psychological problems are being removed. Health issues are being remedied. Whenever issues in life don’t go smoothly, what causes them is being removed. Every undesirable situation is always due to a pattern in the subconscious mind causing the personality to be constructed in a particular way and inducing life to pass in a certain way.

When everything negative or unfavourable has been removed, we can proceed to developing positive features. Like developing talents, attracting happiness, attracting love, becoming a loving, empathic person, becoming successful.
This is what is meant by ”self development” in NPL. It’s a long way to go, it is a path of life. We can ever keep on working on our self-improvement, it never ends. NPL healing is not intended for improving only a couple of issues. Of this can be done, but the NPL healing is not meant for that.

If people were interested in working on themselves on a large scale and optimally developing themselves, only then we would evolve towards a better world. Certainly with a technique like NPL healing,  which nature of man and the course of life can  be fundamentally improved with.

People can ask for NPL distance treatment or they can use the NPL self-treatment or they can combine these two, which is often the case.
With distance treatment is meant: the client receives therapy without being present in person with the therapist. For more information about this way of working, please read this website and the book on this website. You can also watch the filmed example treatments.

Free technique for self improvement: npl self treatment