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20 September 2014;7:55 am

Personality disorders

Antisocial personality
An antisocial personality disorder, according to the NPL method, is caused by unconscious programmes. These programmes or 'patterns' are not located in the brain or in the genes, but in a matter, extending in a wide radius around the person concerned (= the subconscious mind).

An effective cure for autism: NPL healing
NPL healing is the name of a remote healing technique for improving personality and health. In the case of autistic patients with normal ability levels, this personality disorder can be fully corrected and the autistic patient can live a fully normal and happy life.

Borderline personality disorder
All psychological problems, negative emotions, neurotic symptoms, addictions that are typical of a borderline personality disorder, can be solved by means of NPL healing. Also the intense mood changes and depression that may result from disturbances in the brain processes, can be remedied.

Narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder can be remedied. According to Linda Evans, who has developed an energetic healing called 'NPL healing', a person suffering from narcissism is not responsible for this behaviour.

Pedophilia can be changed. Being attracted to children and experiecing a sexual craving for children, is not the result of the genes, brain disorders, education, environment or traumatic events from the past. Pedophiles feel attracted to children because it is programmed like that in their subconscious mind.