Positive thinking

Of course it’s good to think positively. That alone makes you feel better, and gives you a feeling of hope instead of a feeling of desperation. Positive thinking can help you through the day. But stating that thinking positively and repeating affirmations infinitely would actually be able to remedy whatever and even the most desperate circumstances, that is over the top.

In the view of Linda Evans, who developed the NPL technique, a negative situation results from a pattern surrounding a person in the form of matter.

If you want to eliminate a complaint for ever or reverse a negative situation, this can only be done by destroying the pattern responsible for it. Since behaviour and life circumstances are controlled by subconscious patterns or programs, and not by positive or negative thoughts.

With positive thinking, visualizing and repeating affirmations the subconscious patterns remain present in the subconscious mind. Someone may possibly succeed in deactivating some patterns (temporarily), this means calming them down. But eventually the pattern will reemerge, and most patterns may not even be deactivated by positive thinking.

You may be really convinced of the value of positive thinking and you may hold on to it and you it may comfort you. That’s ok, one has a right to his opinion. But perhaps you may meanwhile have experienced that in spite of the promising propositions of positive thinking and visualizing and repeating affirmations (if you keep on affirming, you may change whatever) It hasn’t got you very far.
In this last case you may possibly be interested in reading about the NPL healing theory.