Psychic therapy

NPL healing is a psychic therapy (or also energetic therapy) developed by Linda Evans aiming to transform the personality, improve health, improve life circumstances and enhance ability.
This therapy is as psychic as could possibly be, since people are treated form a distance, i.e. people are treated without being present with the therapist at that particular time.

Linda Evans is able to perceive the subconscious mind around people by means of her psychic abilities. She developed a psychic therapy based on what she is able to perceive. She doesn’t have to have met someone in order to perform the distance treatment.

In Linda Evans’s view problems and an unfavourable personality are controlled by programmes to be found in and around a person and made up of some kind of matter. For instance when there’s a programme or ‘pattern’ surrounding someone implying: ‘you are inferior’, consequently this person will feel inferior.
Linda Evans is able to perceive this pattern, also from a distance – this person doesn’t need to be with her in person – and to destroy it. Like this thousands and thousands of issues can be eliminated and resolved.

NPL healing is a psychic therapy that can solve thousands of issues for which there is no solution so far. By means of this energetic distance therapy also numerous physical complaints can be remedied which science can’t resolve.
You can find more information on this revolutionary psychic therapy on this website.