Scientific research

Appeal to science to study a new view on the subconscious mind

I (Linda Evans) discovered the existence of an invisible world surrounding each of us in the form of some kind of matter.  I am able to perceive phenomena invisible with the naked eye thanks to my psychic abilities.

This invisible world is the world of the subconscious mind, the existence of which has been accepted in the field of psychiatry, but which has never been thought to be able to be perceived by man, let alone be acted on.

This so far undiscovered invisible world surrounding us has a tremendous impact on man. All our comings and goings are ruled by it, but it is also behind most diseases. Behaviour, intelligence, talents and most diseases do not stem from the genes – contrary to what is presumed by conventional science – but from the invisible world surrounding us, the subconscious mind. This subconscious mind can be perceived and modified by someone mastering the NPL healing.

Examples of “patterns” or subconscious programs directing someone’s behaviour and health for the worse can be found on this website .  Desriptions of patterns of autism can be found at the bottom of the text on:

For example, someone who is autistic doesn’t have any brain defects in my view, but there are “patterns” surrounding him that determine his behaviour.
For instance, there are patterns responsible for impaired social skills such as: “you’re in your own small world”, “you’re afraid of people”, “you are unable to express how you feel”, …
E.g. some patterns responsible for lack of adaptability: “you have to have your way, it has to be as you want it”, “nothing may change, everything has to stay the same”, “you can’t bear an action being interrupted, an action may not stop untimely”, …
Examples of patterns inducing disruptive class behaviour: “a compulsion to get attention”, “an urge to tease others”, “a compulsion to walk around, being unable to sit still”, …

Such patterns can be read off the subconscious mind by someone mastering the NPL healing. These patterns are to be found in the form of matter around the (autistic) person and can be broken down by someone mastering NPL, hence making this behaviour disappear.

NPL healing can make a vital contribution to science and medicine. Therefore I am appealing to medical doctors and scientists to study NPL healing.

Most diseases originate from these so called “patterns” in the subconscious mind, and these are made up of a kind of matter that can be destroyed curing illnesses never to return.
A wealth of information  concerning the functioning of the body and processes involved in diseases is to be found in the subconscious mind. Someone mastering the NPL healing can read this information. Such information can make a significant contribution to diagnosing and to discovering vital information relating to body processes. I can perceive information in the subconscious mind relating to chemical processes in the body that doesn’t tell me much personally, but that someone with a scientific or medical background could make much more of.

It’s vitally important that the insights of the invisible so far undiscovered world surrounding us gets out and is implemented given the tremendous impact of the subconscious mind on man and the possibility to interfere with it.