Spiritual growth

Personal development, personal growth, spiritual growth, self growth, self development, self improvement … all mean the same thing: refining the personality, evolving to a better, happier and more able person.

With NPL spiritual growth we improve personality, talents and health and we have an impact on the course of our life
Linda Evans developed NPL spiritual growth and she breaks subconscious patterns in people from a distance. She is able to perceive the subconscious mind surrounding a person and she can act on it. In fact she destroys the negative patterns (i.e. crushing the matter of which the patterns are made up) determining character and behaviour, impeding good health and talents and bringing about negative life situations.
Spiritual growth is important for improving the present life. But it is also significant for what’s next. Linda Evans believes that man is trapped in an eternal cycle of reincarnation. Unlike other disciplines for spiritual growth, claiming there’s an evolution in each life or that it’s possible to be freed from the reincarnation cycle by techniques like e.g. meditation, Linda Evans states this isn’t true. In every life negative excess baggage is added to the subconscious mind, and the existing techniques for spiritual growth are too weak to destroy to the root the millions of patterns in which man and animal are kept prisoner. This root is to be found in times in the past which can’t be expressed in figures. If techniques acted on a depth of quadrillions of years ago (1,000,000,000,000,000) (which is not the case), then even only the upper layers of the subconscious mind would be affected with respect to the eternal times which are located even deeper. With NPL spiritual growth it is possible to work on such depths in the subconscious mind.
Patterns will start to peel off/crumble off by themselves after having been treated with NPL spiritual growth for some time. Therefore much larger amounts of a pattern can be broken down than with any other technique. With NPL spiritual growth thousands of issues can be resolved that couldn’t be resolved up to now. People who have not been helped by any other technique, can be helped with NPL spiritual growth.
Please watch the filmed treatments demonstrating the progress of an NPL treatment.