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15 September 2014;6:01 am

D., The Netherlands

DA plaatje_____________________
Treatment for recurring depressions, improvement of the personality, and for things to run more smoothly in life.;







At the start of the treatment, no films have been made, since D. was afraid to do this.

On the link below, you can see a small film D. made after two years of NPL healing, in which she introduces herself and testifies about the results with NPL healing.

Video testimonial depression treatment

D. summary
Treatment for recurring depression, improving personality and for things to go more smoothly in life. The treatment took two years, from the end of June 2010 until the end of July 2012. was 30 at the start of the treatment.

D. problem issues
I am 30 years old. In spite of the fact that I have already tried various therapies, I’m suffering from a depression yet again.

D. results
Below you'll find several accounts of the results of.