View on man

My name is Linda Evans. I’m a psychic and energetic therapist. I have developed a technique for personal growth and curing diseases and physical symptoms, called ‘NPL Personal Growth’.

NPL believes that man is a soul in a body. The soul incarnates in a body and leaves the body when someone dies. Next, the soul incarnates in another body. The soul is captured in an eternal cycle of reincarnation. About the same events take place in every life.

The soul is surrounded by a light matter that has accumulated since exceedingly long times and that has a extremely negative impact. This matter consists of millions of programmes or patterns that suppress the pure nature, the insights and the talents of the pure soul. When these patterns are destroyed, the soul with all its qualities will be released.

The soul that incarnates in a body, brings along patterns. The patterns in man are the cause of less favourable behaviour, non-optimal situations and bad health. It is possible to create a better person, a better life and better health by removing the patterns. Lots of diseases and physical symptoms result from patterns. Numerous physical problems can be totally and permanently resolved by removing the patterns. All adverse behaviour can be corrected, negative situations can be turned around, ability can be improved and hundreds of incurable physical symptoms and diseases can be cured by NPL. Lots of problems can be resolved quickly, others only in the long term. The treatment progresses very slowly and results are only obtained in the long term in 25% of the people.

The NPL treatment involves a first consultation (personal, by webcam, telephone or email) followed by the distance treatment. This means people are treated by me (Linda Evans) without being present with me in person. Have a look at the websites below for more information about the NPL method.

One can be trained in ‘NPL healing’, for private use or to become a therapist.