Preventive health

NPL healing is a powerful technique to become virtually immune to diseases and physical symptoms developed by Linda Evans. NPL healing can cause you to become and remain perfectly healthy, to become virtually immune to diseases and to stay healthy into old age, apart from optimizing personality, ability and life circumstances in general.
The subconscious mind is crammed with programmes that have a negative impact on health. Even a large part of cancers is caused by subconscious programmes or ‘patterns’. The subconscious mind contains patterns that can influence fission in the body, which results in cancerous tumours. All these patterns are removed preventively in people who constantly undergo NPL healing.

The NPL technique is not a method to combat micro-organisms. On the other hand, NPL healing is yet meaningful in the battle against infections. People who undergo a lot of NPL healing are less prone to infections. The purpose of NPL healing is to be freed from all the millions or billions of subconscious programmes. The purpose of NPL is to be released from as many patterns as possible before the moment of death. A soul that disconnects from the body that is dying, takes on a next body and brings the patterns of a previous life along with it. The more patterns have been peeled off in the previous life, the better the next life will be.

People go to seed before they die. This will probably be fixed in the genes. Yet there are quite a lot of patterns in the subconscious mind that influence the decay of the body. If these patterns are removed preventively, the decay of the body can be slowed down. The NPL method can prevent depression, suicide, psychiatric diseases. NPL can prevent failing at school. The subconscious mind contains lots of patterns that influence ability, intellectual capacities and chances to succeed in life. NPL can prevent setbacks and the failure of relationships.

However, strange but true, people prefer becoming ill, going bankrupt, divorcing, they’d rather repeat the year at school, all of this with all financial consequences as a result, than preventively working on something and investing in it. When you apply NPL in a preventive way, then this will cost you money, but it will make you healthier, happier, more able and successful as a result and you’ll be spared from all misery that problems bring along. Not to mention the costs that problems, failing, divorces or diseases bring along with them.
People prefer dealing with the misery and the costs of a cancer treatment and all kind of other misery, than paying to prevent cancer or all kind of other misery. Prevention is cheaper than starting some or other treatment at the moment a problem occurs. Thousands of problems that cost a lot of money at the moment a problem of disease occurs are prevented with NPL healing. Lifelong prevention is much cheaper than treating or going through all problems that occur in life. The treatments of conventional or alternative therapies, student coaching, failing at school, losing all kinds of opportunities due to all kinds of blockages, being unemployed, being ill, etc. cost much more than preventive NPL healing.

The patterns keep on peeling off automatically in someone who receives sufficient NPL healing. It is the purpose to continue with NPL healing (using the free self treatment or with distance healing or with a combination of both) once the automatic peeling off  has started; otherwise the automatic peeling off might perhaps stop. When a problem or a disease resulting from patterns occurs, then these patterns will start to peel off automatically. This means that no matter which problem can be removed much more quickly, because the patterns are peeling off by themselves, in addition to the healing that is given.
People  become virtually immune to diseases and all kinds of problems with NPL healing. We can evolve to loving, able, successful, healthy people with a high value for society, instead of staying the limited, egoistic creatures we are now.

NPL healing is “priceless”