It is the view of NPL healing that we (man and animal) are captured in an eternal cycle of reincarnation. Moreover, we’re captured in a very evil and destructive programme that surrounds us in the form of a subtle matter. This programme is composed of millions of programmes or ‘patterns’. These patterns bring about negative and egoistic behaviour, are responsible for lack of love in the world, for man’s greed, they cause life to be difficult and us having to work all our lives, they cause low intelligence in man, they are responsible for the existence of diseases and physical symptoms, for the existence of various religions. This programme is also responsible for the fact that we have to live in a world where one species has to eat another in order to survive. It also makes us believe this is normal into the bargain.

We don’t know about our previous lives due to this programme. It causes us to be only interested in achieving happiness in this life and to be only interested in finding a solution to a problem when this occurs, without being interested in further self development or self improvement.

The programme protects itself and won’t allow to be destroyed. It causes us not to be interested in getting out of it or of the eternal cycle of reincarnation.

People don’t realize that when they don’t get out of the patterns that cause the most unpleasant situations in this life, they’ll take these patterns along with them to their next life and they will end up in exactly the same difficult situations. There is indeed something like reincarnation. One day this will be proved.

People are interested in material things, travel, luxury, hoarding up their savings in the bank to leave it behind for their relatives. People only live for the satisfaction of the present moment and don’t realize there’s still an eternity after this life. An eternity that won’t be better (or worse) than the existing situation.

Less optimal behaviour, negative circumstances, religions, bad health are the result of patterns. When there is no interest in being freed from the patterns, there’ll be the same loveless world with lots of misery for lots of people and animals in a billion years’ time.

NPL Spiritual Development aims to free man from all patterns and from the reincarnation cycle. The immense capacities that are inherent to the soul are freed in this process. NPL spiritual growth is the pursuit to bring the soul, which incarnates in man and animal, back to its original, free, divine state.

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