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Hi, I am Eric Rohm. I live in the Netherlands and I treat people from all over the world. I perform long distance healing and there is also a free self-help technique available, called NPL self-treatment, which can be applied anytime and by everyone in the world. NPL stands for ‘New Personality and Life’.

If you consider starting with NPL distance healing, you can try this therapy first. When you buy a copy of the book on NPL, ‘Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom‘, you can receive some understanding of what is being offered. While the distance treatment is performed on you, you can simply continue with your normal activities. Optionally, you can also give the NPL self-treatment a try before starting with the distance healing.

NPL distance healing – New Personality and Life

A path to a better personality, good health, a better life
and to reaching your full potential


NPL distance healing

NPL healing, the best healing technique in the world

What can NPL healing do for you?

. Considerably improve character, behaviour, personality
. Remove inhibitions and psychological problems
. Change negative situations, turn your life for the better
. Increase abilities and talents, reaching your full potential

. Develop psychic abilities
. Considerably improve health

Distance treatment

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The treatment takes place exclusively from a distance, this means that you are not present with the healer (Linda Evans) in person during the treatment. Such a process is called remote healing, distance healing, absent healing, energy healing, psychic healing …  The treatment can go ahead after a contact by telephone or after having e-mailed a small video or a few pictures of yourself. You don’t need to travel.

The subconscious mind according to the views of NPL healing

The subconscious mind surrounds the soul that incarnates into a body, and consists of negative (matter) and positive (energies/subsouls) elements.  The subconscious mind determines your personality and life.  More info on: NPL introduction.

subconscious mind

subconscious mind surrounding a person

Training in order to become an NPL healer

The NPL alternative healing method includes the possibility of NPL energy healing training for personal use (for treating yourself and your family – self healing) or for becoming an energetic NPL healer.   The training involves a lot of distance therapy in order to acquire NPL psychic healing abilities and some personal sessions for learning NPL psychic techniques.

We may also recommend some cleansing herbs and supplements during this process which include South American maca, various microalgae supplements, and some grounding sagebrush for smudging purposes.

Example treatments

Several people (from the Netherlands, USA, Spain) testify about the results of NPL holistic healing. The testimonies have been recorded on various occasions in the course of the treatment, both in the form of text and on video. In exchange these people were treated for free until all or most of their original problem issues were solved. You can find their problem description and a complete account of their progression by clicking on example  treatments where also their identity is mentioned. The publication of real NPL energetic treatments aims to demonstrate both the effectiveness and the unique possibilities of this alternative energy healing treatment.