‘NPL healing’ is a psychic distance therapy that aims to enhance personality, health, abilities and life circumstances.  Numerous problem issues for which no solution has been found so far anywhere in the world can be resolved with NPL.  For example: being prone to bad luck in life, being a selfish person …, even criminal behaviour can be changed with NPL healing.  Being unfortunate can be changed so that things will run smoothly in life, and a selfish/criminal person can be turned into a giving and loving person.

This psychic therapy is based on a completely new view on the cause of human behaviour and misery in the world and on a totally new view on the subconscious mind.
NPL healing is based upon the view that man is a soul in a body. Around the soul/person, there is the subconscious mind, which consists of two parts: on the one hand there’s a subtle matter, the patterns, which are negative and on the other hand the energies, which are positive. This subconscious mind is not the aura.

An NPL therapist can perceive this subconscious mind around the person from a distance by means of his psychic abilities and he can also work on it from a distance.  

Examples of patterns are: egoism, aggression, insecurity, jealousy, anxiety, being unfortunate in life, not having friends, bad health, not being talented, lack of money, and a lot more.  Examples of energies are: love, willpower, patience, intelligence, leadership abilities, confidence, creativity, good health, things run smoothly in life, and a lot more.

npl healing works directly on the subconscious mind

The patterns or negative programmes in the subconscious mind, which are responsible for numerous complaints and the suffering of man, can be wiped out completelywith NPL healing. Consequently, the symptoms that are generated by these patterns, will forever be gone.
The rate at which these patterns are broken down is significantly different from person to person, from very fast to very slow.
An NPL healer uses energies that are present in his own subconscious mind to destroy the patterns in the subconscious mind of another person from a distance.

Apart from the distance treatment, it’s also possible to apply this psychic technique by oneself, this is called the “self treatment.

NPL  is first and foremost a method for self development (improving personality, improving general human behaviour) but physical symptoms and negative life situations are also treated and it’s also possible to develop talents (psychic abilities, for one thing) with NPL.
NPL is particularly intended for people who are interested in in-depth self development and continuous progress, and who don’t only want to have a few problems solved.