NPL distance treatment

People are treated without having to be present with me in person. The treatment can start after a first personal contact, a contact by telephone or after sending a small video or a few pictures of yourself by email.
Desired results can always be achieved, in the short term or in the long term.  The treatment progresses slowly in a minority (25%) of the people.


NPL healing is very effective in the sense that every problem can be dealt with once and for all, provided that the treatment lasts long enough.
35% of the people (the ‘fast group‘) react very well. They achieve a significant result after for example 100 hours of therapy.  (NPL healing usually starts with a series of 100 hours of therapy.)  Several items are fully corrected or partially improved. Bad concentration, fear of failure, anxiety, feeling depressed, headaches, food addiction, eczema, heyfever, stage fright, sadness … are examples of various items.
The progress is a little slower in 40% of the people (the ‘middle group‘). These people also achieve good results after for example a 100 hour treatment, but to a lesser extent than the people of the ‘fast group’.
The treatment progresses very slowly in 25% of the people (the ‘slow group‘). Results are few after 100 hours. Results will certainly be achieved if the treatment continues, but it can take three years and more for certain problems to be solved.

NPL healing destroys the matter around a person

It is the view of NPL that the subconscious mind surrounds people in the form of patterns and energies. The patterns are negative and they are the cause of problems. They consist of a certain amount of matter.
The amount of matter a pattern consists of is small in some people (the ‘fast group’), this amount is two to four times larger in others (the ‘middle group’), and it is 50 to 100 times larger in people of the ‘slow group’.
Certain issues, for instance many personality issues and many physical symptoms require less therapy to be solved than issues such as love, money and serious diseases. This is because the amount of matter may be considerably different according to the kind of pattern.
The patterns around people can be perceived by an NPL therapist and be destroyed layer by layer. An NPL therapist can put a part/layer of a pattern that surrounds someone in front of him/her and send his/her energy to that layer in order to break it.
Increasingly deeper layers of the various patterns that surround people can be destroyed in this way. If the amount of matter is small, it is obvious that less hours of therapy will be needed to solve a problem than when there is a lot of matter.

Several people are treated at the same time, at a distance.