NPL healing training

Training in NPL healing for personal use

NPL healing training explanation

NPL healing is a powerful technique for the improvement of personality, health, life circumstances, ability, overall quality of life, and for achieving happiness in life.

Every person can fundamentally be changed for the better with NPL healing, even a criminal can be changed into a loving person. A lot of diseases can be cured or prevented with NPL healing. All mental problems, all personality problems can be solved. Thanks to NPL healing, your life can go much smoother, good things will cross your path, you can attract happiness, and your ability can be increased.

It is possible to be trained in NPL healing for personal use, to treat yourself, your own family and your pets. When you want to master this technique, you especially need a great deal of distance therapy, for releasing exceptional psychic abilities. Apart from that, some techniques are also required to be learnt, which takes a number of hours.

These exceptional psychic abilities are:

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– the ability to perceive the subconscious mind (which is not the aura). This means: being able to perceive patterns, energies, subsouls, souls, implanted black magic, mind control creatures (see also NPL book chapter 13 and disturbing phenomenon).

– the ability to perceive patterns of diseases (which are patterns of chemical processes in the body and which are more difficult to be perceived than other patterns).

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– the ability to simultaneously treat various people (which is a long way to go in order to be achieved). This means: destroying patterns, black magic, mind control creatures, removing attached souls. It’s not such a long way to go to be able to perceive patterns and to break them in one person, on a limited level.


– The ability to simultaneously work on various issues per person treated, and to break down large pieces of patterns per unit of time.

– Working from a distance means crushing patterns down to very deep layers, that have been building up since 10 to the power of one billion years ago. So 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000…….. years ago.

It is the view of NPL that the soul has been existing for an eternity, it has always existed, it has not been created by a god, it has been in existence for much longer than the current universe, and it is stuck in an evil programme (the subconscious mind) that is the cause of eternal reincarnation and eternal repetition of about the same thing (history repeats itself).

It’s a very long way to go to become an NPL therapist. It’s not such a long way to go to learn the NPL technique for personal use. You don’t need the same level as does a therapist who has to be able to treat all issues and all people, also the very difficult issues and people in the slow group. In order to achieve results when dealing with difficult issues (like for example schizophrenia, rheumatism, Parkinson) and with people in the slow group, the therapist needs to have a very high level.

When you work for yourself and for your family, the number of hours required to fix something doesn’t matter that much, since you do it yourself and you work for free. However, when the hours have to be paid for, your level has to be very high.

When you want to be trained to treat yourself and your family, the training can be stopped as soon as you can simultaneously treat several people, yourself and others, at once. This will take a number of years, a number of years in which you need to receive steady distance therapy by me. Then you will not yet have the highest level that allows you to break large pieces of patterns or to work on very deep layers, but this level will already allow you to increase your own level by further working on yourself. The patterns also continue to peel off automatically after a sufficient number of hours of NPL treatment, which also helps to further increase your level.