NPL self development

NPL A New Personality and Life

A new method for self development with a very unusual view on the subconscious mind, the cause of human behaviour and misery in the world.

The NPL method is particularly intended for people who are looking for in-depth self development. It is intended in the first place for people who want to optimize their behaviour and their character and who want to release all the talents and the skills that are hidden inside of them.  NPL healing also has a major positive impact on a person’s health and all kinds of circumstances in a person’s life.

Apart from this, NLP is also a method with which a lot of issues for which there was no solution so far, can be solved.  Things like autism, all kinds of addictions and compulsions, narcissism, criminal behaviour, psychoses, learning disorders, difficult life conditions, lack of talent, selfishness,  etc. can be treated with this method, with permanent results.

I have written a book in which I explain my view on the subconscious mind and in which I clarify why issues that have been impossible to solve until now, can be resolved with NPL. You can have a look at this book here:

Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom

You can have a look at example treatments that can be found on NPL example treatments.


Man surrounded by the subconscious mind

Man is a soul in a body in the view of NPL. The soul incarnates into a body and leaves the body when someone dies. Then it incarnates into another body. The soul is kept prisoner in an eternal cycle of reincarnation.More or less the same events occur in every life.

The soul or consciousness is surrounded by the subconscious mind, which surrounds someone in the form of matter and energies. I call this matter ‘the programme’ or the negative subconscious mind. The energies are the positive subconscious mind.

The programme or the matter around the soul is the cause of man’s negative behaviour and of the suffering in the world. It is located in and around the body and it consists of millions of different ‘patterns’.


Patterns and energies around man

When someone is anxious, this anxiety surrounds this person in the form of matter. Someone who is prone to setbacks is the victim of a pattern around him or her that causes those setbacks. A selfish person is not responsible for this behaviour. It is the pattern of  ‘selfishness’ around this person that controls him or her. He or she does not act out of free will.

subconscious mind, mental problems, psychological problems, personality disorders

If a certain pattern is not present in the subconscious mind, this negative characteristic does not occur in a person. Someone who is not surrounded by the pattern of financial setbacks or of a certain disease will never have financial setbacks and will never suffer from that disease.

Positive behaviour, success, talent, intelligence, right truth, good health and everything that is positive in the world is the result of the energies. There is a specific energy that surrounds someone for every good quality he may have, e.g. intuition, empathy, joy, self-confidence, aesthetic sense, leadership qualities, being successful, will power, honesty, etc. . When somebody lacks a certain quality, the energies for this quality are suppressed by the patterns.

subconscious mind, developing talents and abilities

Total destruction of the patterns

People are solely treated at a distance in NPL healing, after a first contact (personal, by telephone or by webcam) of after sending a small video of themselves by email. Treatment at a distance means that the person treated is not present in person with the therapist during the treatment.  Patterns are broken layer by layer, and underlying energies are released. The patterns are wiped out completely from the subconscious mind, and the cause of a symptom is removed completely and permanently. When a person has had sufficient hours of treatment, the programme starts to disintegrate automatically.

An NPL healer uses the energies that are present in his own subconscious mind to destroy the patterns.  He can send his energies to the patterns in the subconscious mind of another person, and destroy the patterns layer by layers by means of these energies.

subconscious mind power, subconscious mind programming.
According to the ideas of NPL, psychoses, all symptoms of autism, criminal behaviour, etc. are the result of the patterns that surround a person. When those patterns are removed and the underlying energies are released, someone will be able to function normally.

NPL is a solution for:

Fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, tendency to worry, not being able to take decisions, poor sales talent, being bullied, not making enough money, everything goes wrong, not being good at sports, not getting respect, not having friends, difficult relations with people, opposition from other people, lack of will power, nervousness, lack of energy, not being able to find a partner, food addiction, alcoholism, clumsiness, anxiety, tics, obsession, compulsion, stress, grief, sadness, sense of inferiority, sense of guilt, making mistakes all the time, concentration disorder, always postponing things, laziness, tiredness, depression, selfishness, jealousy, obstinacy, dyslexia, autism, hyperventilation, depression, migraine, eczema, asthma, hay fever, sleeping badly, allergies, psychosomatic pain, constipation, all kinds of physical complaints, schizophrenia, ADHD, borderline, corpulence …